Welcome to the official Freedomscape website(freedomscapez.no-ip.biz). for now i am working on the server and the client will be posted on the downloads tab.  i was owner of piratepk.no-ip.org. which i now have created a much better server and source!! hope you enjoy. we also need a 24.7 hoster to become a hoster please send a app to piratepkz@yahoo.com.

what we are about- this site is about my server, entertaining others, and giving out huge cheats for runescape. the rs bots is for real no joke im using them now and always. this site isnt just for server its for people to meet other mates for communicating on server and runescape! read below

Forums- www.freedomscape.darkbb.com sign up and after beta you get 10mil!! if we reach goal of top 38 then i will give out 1.5mil exp free to each player that was in beta! i made goal higher because we are doing good so far!

  i found some awesome runescape bots that work but use at own risk they are virus free so please try them all i ask is that you advertise this site, and vote for the server do so by click the tab. listen, when you go to rs bots dont send email with your account info to rs bots i only did that for idiots that dont read this..also its all real easy i swear no hacks also on all runescape forums post this ( i can hack runescape with this new software made by a body of programmers send me your password and runescape username to runescapecoder@yahoo.com ill make you rich. just post this all over the website and once i start getting runescape accounts ill give them away for my server players  so please do this and youll be rewarded ill add a tab like rs accounts. once thats up you will know! thank you pce! enjoy downloads/bots)


thank you bye bye!

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